Friday, July 13, 2012

The Score!

The latest Richard Stark adaptation is out now! If you're lucky enough to be in the San Diego area and have your fists tightly wrapped around a comic-con badge, Darwyn will be at the IDW Publishing booth to sign copies of the just-released graphic novel, "The Score." IDW has an exclusive edition only available at comic-con.

update: that edition sold out during preview night!

And on Sunday, July 15th, there's an hour-long session starting at 12:30 called "Darwyn Cooke and The Man Called Parker" — Darwyn discusses all things Parker in a lively hour of opinions, insights, and downright good conversation! Along with editor Scott Dunbier, Darwyn will answer questions and talk about Richard Stark's classic heist-man -- and unveil Cooke and IDW's plans for the future of the graphic novel series -- including revealing what the next Parker book will be!

OR if you're not able to make it to San Diego, get over to The Violent World of Parker for a terrific conversation between the folks who run that website and Darwyn as they go over the Parker series and some big news is revealed about the future Parker books!


Transplant said...

This was pretty disappointing. IDW and this site did a poor job of letting people know about the SDCC exclusive edition of The Score. In fact, I barely even knew that Darwyn would be at SDCC at all. Oh well.

DAS PETROU said...

I am a big admirer of the work Darwyn Cooke did on The Hunter, and The outfit. And i really wanted to buy The Score. But the radioactive orange that's used as a kind of mid-tone just put me right off. That colour is better suited to starburts on suermarket products that say, "Buy One Get One Free." It's sad, because teh drawing itself is right up there with the other two books - and I'm sure the writing is too.

Trent said...


The color suits the material. There is a lot of fire in this one.

Ken said...

Just read it. GREAT stuff! And the whole package (paper, embossed cover under the sleeve, etc...) enhance the experience.

pete wisdom said...

I absolutely love the Parker adaptations. Actually, I love it.. this much.

anthony said...

Awesome work on the new Parker.
The book is incredible... A must have like the Hunter, the Outfit and the Martini Edition.
Please Darwyn come in France to sign your book....
A french fan!

Unknown said...

Just purchased The Score at Hal-Con 2012. Mr Cooke sold me on the book when he was talking on a panel about comic covers. I decided to give the book a try and must say I was very happy I did.

The art is amazing, beyond description at times, and is matched only by the seamless story telling.

You have made a new fan and I cant wait to check your other works suggested here by your other fans.