Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here's to you, HEROES

Charity auctions net 20K for Hero Initiative.

Marsha and I are very proud to report that our second annual "12 Days" auctions for the Hero Initiative were successful beyond our wildest dreams. This year, we were able to raise just over $20,000.00! This is a stupefying number, literally doubling last year's amount.

Your help will go a long way to making life easier for some of the older creators out there, who aren't in the social safety net.

This speaks to the generosity and good will of my fans and readers alike in a way I can never repay. You guys are simply amazing, and I want to thank everyone who bid this year.

I want to give a special tip of Santa's chapeau to my dear friend and Art Dealer, Albert Moy. Albert likes to act like a hard-nosed businessman, but the big softy laid out high numbers to win 6 of the auctions. Thanks, man. You're my hero this year.

BTW- the image is a piece my genius cartoonist buddy Mike Holmes did for me this year. As you can see, I love orange pants. Thanks, Mike! You're the best.

Anyway,love to all y'all and thanks so much

Darwyn and Marsha

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho Ho Holiday Auctions

The 12 Days of Christmas auctions have been a huge success so far! Thank you to everyone who has been bidding and spreading the word about them. It looks like we are going to shatter last year's totals.

Still tons of great things available, including:

Fantastic Four

Spiderman (times three)

We'll be donating all of the proceeds from these 12 Days of Christmas auctions to two comic industry groups. The majority are in support of The Hero Initiative, and we've put up some extra pieces this year to benefit The Shuster Awards

You can see all of the auctions here

Have a safe, happy Christmas and holiday season

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Auction Action Update

The first four auctions to benefit Hero are live!

Day 1: Parker

The Parker Martini pack includes a signed Parker Martini edition, a limited edition Parker t-shirt, a set of 4 limited edition, stemless Parker Martini glasses with a custom designed label and the original art for pages 148-149 of The Outfit

Day 2: Boston

The original art from the promotional piece Darwyn did for Boston Comic Convention this past year, including tons of DC Characters in a cool Boston logo. Boston Con was a great time and if you have a chance to go, you should!

Day Three: Batman 197 Cover Recreation

This pack included a huge piece (19 x 13) recreating the Carmine Infantino/Mike Esposito original, a Catwoman action figure and a signed copy of Batman:Ego and other tails TPB.

Day Three and a half: Batman 84 cover recreation

Batman/Catwoman pack, redux. Another huge cover recreation, this time we have Winslow Mortimer's Batman 84, featuring Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and the Sleeping Beauties of Gotham, a Catwoman limited edition statue, and a signed copy of Batman Ego and other Tails.

More to come, thank you to everyone who has bid so far and good luck.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the first day of Christmas

Hi everybody!

It’s that time of year again, our 2nd annual 12 Days of Christmas art auctions to benefit the HERO Initiative. It’ll be the same deal as last year…over the next 12 days we will be putting up 12 eBay auctions, each with an amazing art pack.

There is one difference this time around. We are throwing down a challenge to every other person in the industry to get on board. You too, websites and publishers. Throw your hat (or art) in the ring and help a great cause. HERO tirelessly works to assist industry pros in circumstances none of us would want to be in.

So…without further ado..

On the first day of Christmas