Friday, November 27, 2009


Hi folks. Next week the 50th issue of Hex hits the stands and while I rarely jump on the net to promote a single issue comic, this is a very special case and it occurred to me that the background on this book may be of interest.

When Jimmy and Justin tapped me for this one, I got somewhat excited about the possibilities artistically. Working with a full script from those two frees me up to stretch some artistic muscles I mightn't otherwise. My previous outing on Hex was quite rewarding, but very much within the type of work I'm generally known for; brushwork with an economy of line and dense blacks. I really wanted to switch it up for this one, and see if I could come up with something that looked somewhat more fitting technique-wise.

It was quite a challenge. Working with line only and leaving large areas I'd normally fill with black open for colour was a lot of fun for me. I had to forgo all my usual approaches and come up with solutions that worked for this approach, from the panel design on up.

It's always important to me to cite the influences that shape and inform my work. The technique applied to the inks on Hex is an amalgam of several great adventure artists filtered through the hand of a guy many are convinced normally inks with a corncob.
Moebius, John Severin, Reed Crandall, Jack Davis and Walt Simonson all had immense effects on me as a young artist and you'll see that in the linework on Hex.

A lot of the courage needed to break away from your comfort zone can come from your collaborators. J and J were totally supportive, and I knew in the back of my mind that anything I fell short on would be propped up by my art partner, Dave Stewart.

When you work with a talent like Dave, you're not afraid to try something new. His ability to grasp an approach and then take it somewhere you haven't been is the most exciting part of doing a book like this. I wasn't afraid to let broad expanses of western plain anchor a compostion because I knew Dave was going to be there.

Let me put it this way; As I paged through the colour for the first time, I was astonished at the range of palettes created. The story is an epic of sorts, and takes place over a full year with every type of terrain, climate, and time of day imaginable. Each and every scene felt unique and a moment of it's own. As I reached the last few pages of the issue something dawned on me. I flipped back through for confirmation and was stunned to realize that somehow Dave had coloured every daytime sky something other than blue.

Every color but blue. And the genius is I almost didn't notice. None of that, "Look how clever I am" stuff, but something so unique and yet oddly natural that it doesn't call attention to itself. Thanks, Dave. You are the greatest.

And that's my end of Hex 50. As for the story, Justin and Jimmy had thirty-eight pages to develop one of Hex's most human and heartless adventures. There are things these sick men make me So all y'all should give old Hex a spin this Wednesday if you haven't already.


Friday, November 20, 2009


Darwyn just sent along this image for an upcoming one-shot "Invincible returns!"

Invincible is a terrific action-adventure series that's worth checking out.
Scheduled for release on Wednesday, February 17. Reserve your copy now at your friendly, neighbourhood comic book store.

After the shocking events of the Invincible War and the cataclysmic battle with Conquest, Invincible is ready to turn the page to a bold new era: just in time for THE VILTRUMITE WAR, starting in next month’s INVINCIBLE #71! This special self-contained issue will bring readers new and old up to speed on everyone’s favorite superhero comic. If you’ve never read INVINCIBLE, now is the time to dive in! And if you’ve been reading since the beginning: You know it’s all been leading up to this moment! Either way, hold onto your hats!"

I was glad to see on Comic Book Resources that this is a one-shot and not a series restart. Kind of nice to see more comic book series getting close to triple digits. Cory Walker and Robert Kirkman's five issue MAX mini-series, the Destroyer, was just released in hardcover. It's a fun book, too.

and remember that Jonah Hex #50 comes out on Dec. 2nd. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jonah Hex sneak peek

Jimmy Palmiotti posted a couple of Darwyn's pages on his blog. Go see them now! Very sweet stuff. These are from Jonah Hex #50 which should be out for sale on December 2nd.

As you might expect, they look pretty damn cool.

and did you know the 16th of November is Darwyn's birthday? I may get a beating for this, but I think he might like getting some "happy birthdays" from folks.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I received this email from Diana Tamblyn:

"Hi Cal,

For the Darwyn blog, thought you might be interested in this piece I did up for Trouble With Comics, on Darwyn's recent workshop in Toronto:

Hope you are well and that the Halloween fairies treated you well!

I am indeed, Diana! Thanks for sending the link along! And Hallowe'en was awesome in Halifax. Darwyn was busy finishing up his Jonah Hex pages for the big issue #50 so no Winnie the Pooh, but you can see the other halloweenies at our party here.

You folks can see some of Diana's work on her blog.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hunter makes the list

Publisher's Weekly posted their top books of the year and The Hunter is on it. Check out the rest of the list here. There are some great books that would make fine gifts for your friends, enemies, or frenemies.

and at Comic Book Resources, the year of good comic moments column spotlights New Frontier.

and on the Star Clipper's blog, there's a spotlight on noir books including The Hunter among other good stuff.