Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day & Teenage Satan

Hi Everyone,

Tons of news since our last update!

Free Comic Book Day:

Darwyn will be appearing at The Toronto Comics Arts Festival for Free Comic Book Day and throughout the weekend. If you are in the Toronto area, make every effort to get to TCAF. Look for the debut of Chester Brown's new book, Jeff Lemire and the Doug Wright Awards. Chris has put together a fantastic show over the years that highlights the Art of Comics. And most events are FREE! Darwyn did the artwork for DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day shirt so make sure you pick one up.

I will be at appearing at Free Comic Book day here in Halifax at our local, Strange Adventures. Why would I be at FCBD you ask!?!

It's only the MOST EXCITING THING EVER (for me anyway)

This weekend at Boston ComicCon, Stephanie Buscema. Darwyn's niece Candis and I debuted our new, creator owned, project: TEENAGE SATAN. Candis and I are writing, Steph is our art master, we've been at this since the end of last year. We have a new multi-media method planned with games and interactive content aimed at tween and teens. Have a look at the video Darwyn put together for us. Yes, that's right, Darwyn Cooke animating Stephanie Buscema. HELL-O

Yes, it's true. We're about to change comics forever. Our website is up and running so check us our over there. TEAM SATAN

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project so far. We have called on many favours from many friends and you all helped us immeasurably. Inquiries about teenage Satan can be directed to

See you all tomorrow. READ MOAR COMIX

Marsha (& Darwyn)