Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parker: Martini update

Hey everyone,

Hope this finds you all well. This is the kind of post that I’m not used to writing, so bear with me. It has become apparent that the Parker: Martini Edition, which was scheduled for a July release, will not be ready to ship on its’ scheduled date. I wanted to break this news here on my blog, because this is 100% my fault. I wanted to make sure everyone understood that my publisher (IDW) and fabulous editor (Scott Dunbier) weren’t blamed for this delay.

It’s a rare occurrence for me to ship something later than it was supposed to. I want to assure everybody looking forward to this book that it is shipping late because of my commitment to making this a very special product and not just a reprint edition. This simply has taken me more time than I anticipated. After much consideration, Scott and I decided the best time for release would be during the Long Beach convention in October.

I’d like to apologize to all of the readers who’ve advanced ordered this book. I want you to know that I am doing everything I can to make sure the Parker:Martini edition will be worth the wait.