Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Long Beach MARTINI

Hi everybody.

After months, I'm resurfacing for a quick update and and to promote this weekend's Long Beach Comic Con.

Scott and I will be proudly presenting the Parker Martini at IDW over the weekend. Because Scott is a maniac, the Long Beach show will feature a variant slipcase with a limited number of 200 copies.

Long Beach Limited Slipcase

Stop by and say hi, maybe pick up a book. I'm showing off a couple images here from the interior portfolio of Parker films.

Lee Marvin in Point Blank

Jim Brown in The Split

The other real big part of the show for us is that we are guests of the Hero initiative this year. I'll be signing at Hero all weekend, and we're offering fans a hand-pulled silk screen print of Parker that I will hand tint at the booth.

HERO Limited Silk Screen Print

PLEASE drop by Hero's booth and give whatever you can. With the Holidays coming up, think of the older creators that are struggling with the basics of life and throw a few bucks in the pot.

Marsha and I are looking forward to seeing all you left coasters this weekend.