Friday, March 27, 2009

the last resort!

in my opinion, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are two of the better writers working in comics today. Just check out their run on Jonah Hex as a "for instance". Their new series "The Last Resort" comes out this summer from IDW and from one of Jimmy's posts on the newasarama blog, "Justin and I are working on called THE LAST RESORT for our good friends at I.D.W. The artist is named Giancarlo Caracuzzo and we think he is a brilliant storyteller. It should ship this summer and at its most basic, it’s about a bunch of people from all walks of life dealing with a biological accident on a tropical island." He also posted a couple of interior pages here and here.

So why should this concern you Cooke fans? Here's one of the covers to the first issue (the other cover will be by the awesome Amanda Conner):

and if you have a few moments, peruse Jimmy's highly entertaining blog

and arriving in stores next Wednesday is the new Jonah Hex collection entitled "Bullets Don't Lie!" Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and illustrated by some tip-top talents including Jordi Bernet, J.H. Williams III and our own Darwyn Cooke!
Here's the info according to publisher, DC Comics: "Issues #31-38 of the acclaimed Western are collected, including tales illustrated by Darwyn Cooke and J.H. Williams III! In this volume, Hex joins a posse and hunts a gang of killers. Plus: Learn the reason why Hex wears a Confederate uniform! 144pg. Color $14.99 US"

Finally this week - it's the contest winner! I have a little pile of cool Cooke stuff such as a Red Menace #1 variant cover signed by Darwyn, the New Frontier poster as well as some New Frontier promo posters and I put them up for grabs in a postcard contest. A couple dozen cards were received and the winner, drawn by a random customer at the Strange Adventures comic store, is Levi Stahl of Chicago, Illinois! Congratulations, Levi! I will get the stuff sent out this weekend along with some other goodies we hope you will like! I like free contests and love getting mail, so expect another postcard contest to be announced in April. Keep reading comics!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

custom sketched Retroactive

you can bid on a copy of the swanky Retroactive hardcover book collecting stacks of artwork by Darwyn here and best of all, it will come with a custom sketch of your choosing!

Friday, March 20, 2009

the hunter

good day!

some nice Parker pages from "The Hunter" for you to peruse this week:

and here is one of the concept sketches Darwyn did while working on "The Hunter"

"The Hunter" is the first in a series of books adapting the Richard Stark "Parker" novels into comic form. "The Hunter" will be published by IDW in July of 2009. Check with your local bookseller (shop local & indie!) to reserve your copy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

snazzy photo

James Sime, proprietor of the very cool Isotope Comics, recently posted a nifty shot - a smattering of pages from the upcoming book "the Hunter" - check it out here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

links and stuff

Hiya, folks,

not much going on this week but there were several posts of interest from all over the interwebs...

as mentioned in the comments last week, Darwyn helped with a marriage proposal at Megacon. Details here and you can see the proposal take place here!

and Michael Cho posted a nifty illustration on his blog that he did with Darwyn. See it here.

Will Kane has a nice bit about the Parker books. the movie versions and Darwyn's work on his blog here. He also has those spiffy Parker illustrations by Darwyn that were given out at some conventions last year.

Coming in May from DC Direct is a boxed set of action figures from the New Frontier. It includes Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman (with a new head sculpt) as well as a copy of the New Frontier special published last year.

that's it for this week - send those postcards!

Friday, March 6, 2009

con update

Some news on the convention front. Darywn's upcoming appearances between now and August are all Canadian:

Calgary expo in April (April 25-26) and here's a spiffy piece he did for them:

and the Toronto Fan Expo in August (August 28-30)

No other commitments are confirmed yet but I will try let you folks know as soon as I do!

...and a reminder about the fabulous stuff giveaway. I have a signed copy of the Red Menace #1 with the variant cover by Darwyn as well as a stack of other comics, a New Frontier poster (from the cover to the 2nd volume) and some of the promo posters for New Frontier that will be given away to a lucky someone for the cost of a postcard, a stamp, and a walk to the mailbox. More info here.