Friday, November 13, 2009

Jonah Hex sneak peek

Jimmy Palmiotti posted a couple of Darwyn's pages on his blog. Go see them now! Very sweet stuff. These are from Jonah Hex #50 which should be out for sale on December 2nd.

As you might expect, they look pretty damn cool.

and did you know the 16th of November is Darwyn's birthday? I may get a beating for this, but I think he might like getting some "happy birthdays" from folks.


Matt Wieringo said...

Well, then. Happy birthday, Mr. Cooke! And many more. I loved your previous Jonah Hex story and can hardly wait for this one.

Ian Explosivo said...

I'm sure I'll forget tomorrow, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!


Jason Truong said...

Well, this will be easy to remember. Darwyn's birthday falls on the same day as my little sister's.

If he's reading, Happy Birthday and Have a Good One!

Best Wishes,
- Jason

AnthonyF said...

Happy, Happy birthday Darwyn! Hope you find time to celebrate the good day!

Doc said...

Parker never ate cake.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Rich Hennemann said...

Happy Birthday, Darwyn! Enjoy the day!

JennS said...

A Palmiotti said it was your birthday. Hope you enjoy the hell out of it!

Warhol Superstar said...

Happy birthday, Darwyn. You're the hippest.

-- Erica

Dave Strong said...

Mr. Cooke, Happy B-Day! Thanks for all your inspiration!

-Dave Strong