Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Long Beach MARTINI

Hi everybody.

After months, I'm resurfacing for a quick update and and to promote this weekend's Long Beach Comic Con.

Scott and I will be proudly presenting the Parker Martini at IDW over the weekend. Because Scott is a maniac, the Long Beach show will feature a variant slipcase with a limited number of 200 copies.

Long Beach Limited Slipcase

Stop by and say hi, maybe pick up a book. I'm showing off a couple images here from the interior portfolio of Parker films.

Lee Marvin in Point Blank

Jim Brown in The Split

The other real big part of the show for us is that we are guests of the Hero initiative this year. I'll be signing at Hero all weekend, and we're offering fans a hand-pulled silk screen print of Parker that I will hand tint at the booth.

HERO Limited Silk Screen Print

PLEASE drop by Hero's booth and give whatever you can. With the Holidays coming up, think of the older creators that are struggling with the basics of life and throw a few bucks in the pot.

Marsha and I are looking forward to seeing all you left coasters this weekend.



Robin Quinn said...

Hey , Good fer' you ...
Come on back to the lower right coast sometime ,
See'ins how you're an
" Honorary Southern Cracker " ...
an' don't go too fer' to the
Dark side o' that noir stuff ,
Remember Superman needs the light
a' tha sun to recharge them
batteries ...
an here's an open invite to the
High Country , that's Boone ,
North Carolina ...
Recently # 1 scenic drive in
the U.S. by Yahoo - the
Linn Cove Viaduct / Blue Ridge
Parkway ...


Brian said...

Book and print look great. Wish I was going.

Have a great time you two.

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm torn. I love the limited edition slipcase – but the design of the regular edition is outstanding as well. I might need both. Cannot wait to see what's inside!

Ian Explosivo said...

That slipcase is AMAZING!

mythical_geeks said...

Mr Cooke,

Hope this finds you well and busy, and congratulations on publishing the Parker Martini Edition, which I'm very much looking forwards to, together with the third Parker adaptation, whenever it's to be published.

My name is Andrew O’Hara, and together
with my friend David Johnston, we publish a pop culture podcast, Geek Mythology.

For our fourth episode we compared your adaptation of The Hunter with the film Point Blank, with the
intention of hopefully drawing further attention to your work.

I'm writing to ask if we could have your permission to use your illustration of Lee Marvin as Walker as part of our main image for the episode, obviously with a copyright notice declaring your ownership of the image and a comment or suchlike to that effect.

Please feel free to delete this comment if you'd prefer to respond by email, and I can be reached at andy [at] geek-mythology [dot] com.

Wishing you all the best, take care and thanks very much.


Transplant said...

The LE of Martini Edition is spectacular. Great presentation. It's nice just having these pages in a larger format than the original hardcovers.

Randy Dahlk said...

Hi Darwyn,

Just wanted to say, I received the Martini Edition last week. It's both delightful and maddening. Delightful because of the sense of design, colors, type fonts, all fit the flavor of the time and the story, you nailed it. What a great complete package. Maddening, because when I feel like I've done my best design work, you raise the bar, and make me hate everything of my own, that I've done before. Thanks, in some weird way, I appreciate that!

Randall Dahlk

Brian said...

Got mine in the mail yesterday. Gorgeous.