Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Update, Convention Update and a few teases!

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well in your world. Thanks to everyone for the help on the HERO Christmas auctions, one last drawing to finish! Next year....well that can wait until the fall.

We thought it'd be a good idea to let you in on our Convention Schedule this year and take a look at some upcoming projects.

First up is Megacon, our annual pilgrimage to Orlando. Come by this weekend to say hi to Marsha and me, as well as Jimmy Palmiotti, Miss Amanda Connor, Frank Tieri, Nelson DeCastro, Rev. Dave Johnson and tons more. Beth and Richard put on one of the finest shows of the year so we're happy to be heading back for more.

Next is Boston Comic Con. Here's the spiffy T-Shirt they let me do for them. By Boston I'll be able to announce some big news we've been holding, it should be a hell of a good time ;-) Can't say more, 'cause someone out there would kill me.

Come May, I'll be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, one of the great events for creator owned & indie comics on the continent. As some of you may know, Toronto is my hometown, and this makes it all the more special for me.

If you've never gone, come see why it's growing so quickly in size and reputation. I'm lucky enough to be a special guest this year, a humbling position for me amongst greats like Chester Brown, Adrian Tomine, Brian Boswell and Natsume Ono. So many friends and cartooning geniuses are going, I'll just urge you to the site to see the guests.

That's it for shows for now. I'll leave you all with a couple pieces of artwork. The first is my cover for JSA #50. Hope you like the image and the message. The second is a penciled page of...Vigilante? That's right, owlhoot. Vigilante. What the heck could this be for? I'm not telling.

A couple final notes, since I'm here.

My colleagues and I traffic in the nature of heroism, some would say. I just want to take a moment to say that the workers at the Fukishima Power Plant are the bravest people on the face of the planet. May their Gods bless them and keep them.

And more personally, I want to mention the passing of my Aunt Helen. A wonderful woman and loving sister to my Mom. She will be sorely missed.

Best to you all


Pierre D said...

Hi Darwyn !
Is there any way to get that awesome Boston T-Shirt if I don't attend the Boston Comic Con ?
(live in Paris, Fr.)

Marsha said...

Hi Pierre, I would suggest emailing the con.

Pierre D said...

Thanks 1000+ !

And thanks for the blog, it's awesome !

Andrew Wells said...
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Andrew Wells said...

I was hoping to see you and Darwyn. Will you guys be there for the opening on Friday? I was also hoping to get Darwyn to do a sketch I know he is usually a first come first serve basis. I cant wait to see you guys.


Jason Truong said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your Aunt, Darwyn. My condolences to you and your family.

Richard Oh said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Hopefully, I can see you in next year's round of cons...

Jay said...

Best to you as well, sir, and sorry to hear about your recent family loss. The Vigilante page looks AMAZING and has officially kicked off excitement of untold proportions in my head...

Billy Hogan said...

I attended your "Future Of Comics And New Media" panel with Terry Moore and Jim Valentino on Sunday. One question I wish I would have thought to ask about the proprietary formats some digital comic books are sold as (which I can't remember what it is called exactly)which are an attempt to curtail the ability to illegally copy them.

Are these a step in the right direction to protect creators earning revenues from digital comics, or are they off course as well?

Ian Explosivo said...

Please lord, let that Vigilante page have something to do with Wednesday Comics 2.

Billy Hogan said...

The format I was trying to think of in my previous post is .drm. I would be interested in your thoughts about this format.

Elijah Pipkin said...

Just read about your upcoming appearance at Charlotte's HeroesCon.

I must apologize to Marsha in advance for the jar of "shine" which will also be making an appearance...and the eventual disappearance of its contents.

Byron said...

My condollences for the loss in your family. It is never an easy thing to bear. Best wishs to you and yours.

Robin Quinn said...

Hello , Darwyn ,
From the guy that made you an
' Official Southern Cracker '
with the NAPA racing hat, thank you
for keeping a blog.
Big question- Are you coming back to
HeroesCon in Charlotte NC ????

And a side note:I have written a
children's book since you were in
North Carolina last, which Mark Waid
reviewed- Quinn's is a heartfelt,
well-told story that, like all good parables, has a truth that can resonate with all of us.
A pleasure to read.
I have started a 2nd book and have moved to the mountains,
( Boone NC ). My blog is
Thanks again , Robin

Billy Penn said...

Mr. Cooke,
It was a real pleasure to meet you at MegaCon 2011 two weeks ago. Thank you for the time you took looking at my portfolio and for the valuable advice. I noticed how busy were and I appreciate the attention you gave me. It was one of the nicest portfolio reviews I’ve ever gotten. Thanks for the confidence boost.

(and for settling that Bruce Wayne maquette/Batman Beyond debate!)

Chris said...

Hello Darwyn (and Marsha!) I was just wondering if it would be possible to commission a sketch from Darwyn ahead of time for pick up at the Heroes Con in June. I know, traditionally, that Darwyn is swamped at shows and I was hoping to beat the rush. If it's not possible, I understand. I've met you both a couple of times (once at the Baltimore ComiCon and when Darwyn gave his talk at the Smithsonian about Parker during the blizzard; well, a blizzard by DC standards!). Anwyay, I hope all's well with the two of you and thanks! Take care--Chris

Unknown said...

Hey Darwyn and Marsha!
Saw that you guys are on the list for Heroes Con! Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully getting a little chat time with you. Thanks for all the great work!


Jeremy said...

How many orphans have to die to get you on a Vigilante ongoing, Mr. Cooke?

Just say the word, I will order the sacrifice!