Sunday, February 20, 2011

stuff and such from hither and yon

Good Sunday morning to you all, or whatever time of day it is in your part of the world!

It's about time for some updated info on what Darwyn is up to these days. Most of the winter, he's spent logging and trapping deep in the wilds of eastern Canada to provide vittles for the family. Now that there's a touch of spring in the air, Darwyn's back at the homestead gearing up for convention season.

Boston Comic Con is on April 30th through May 1st. Looks to be a great line-up of comic book folks in attendance including Joe Kubert (Sunday only), Frank Quitely, Adam Hughes, Art Adams, Frank Cho, Tim Sale, and Matt Wagner. I've never been to the Boston Con but always hear great things about it and Boston is a cool spot to visit as well!

A week later, it's TCAF! The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is on May 7th and 8th and is a fabulous show. An amazing line-up of cartoonists will be there including Chester Brown (who will be debuting his newest book "Paying for it" at the show), Kate Beaton, Becky Cloonan, Faith Erin Hicks, Seth, Jay Stephens, Raina Telgemeier, Jim Zubkavich and Chris Ware! AND that's just a few! Check out the website for more info. This is a spectacular show that is engaging and inviting to the hard-core comic fans as well as being very appealing to folks who'd like to dip their toes into the comic book world.

If you're not from or living in Canada, you may not be familiar with Canada Reads, a literary "survivor" style competition where people nominate their favourite books and they get "championed" or supported by "someone of note", often a musician, author, actor. Check out the CBC website for more background on Canada Reads; the reason I bring it up is that a graphic novel, Jeff Lemire's Essex County, made it into the "final five" but, sadly, was the first to have it's "torch extinguished" during the debates. Darwyn was interviewed by the National Post along with Jeet Heer and Chris Butcher about the highs and lows of getting graphic novels some mainstream attention.

If you need an injection of comic book goodness, be sure to check out Vertigo's House of Mystery #35 and #36 as both have short stories illustrated by Darwyn; and Justice Society #50 is out in April with a "you may order 1 variant for every 10 regular editions you order" cover by Darwyn.

I think the February blahs can be kept at bay by reading some damn fine comic books, so go out to your local comic book store, website, friend's house and get yourself some comics!


Marsha said...

Darwyn will be at Megacon March 25-27th. Sunny Florida, here we come.

Transplant said...

I was going to point out Megacon as well. It would be great if Darwyn were to be at C2E2 in Chicago the week before. In fact, it would be great to just have a convention schedule. I have to find some place to get those NYCC copies of The Outfit signed, since there were sold unsigned.

Jeremy said...

Any word on Darwyn attending HeroesCon in early June?

Anj said...

I can't wait to meet Darwyn in Boston.

Does anyone know if he does convention commission sketches. I would love to get a Cooke Supergirl for my collection.

Anonymous said...

I'll see you at TCAF in May!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if Darwyn will make it back to DragonCon in Atlanta on LaborDay? It's been great having him come the last 2 years.

David said...

Darwyn! You old rooster! This isn't really a blog posting but a message in a bottle. It's been a million years since you and I worked on Business Quarterly together. It's David Popescu here and by the looks of things you up and got famous. Makes sense, you were always brilliant. I'm a director now and have my own production company called Hooligan
I have a meeting in two weeks to try and get on an HBO project shooting graphic novels into min-movies and who else could possibly come to mind??? If you get a chance drop me a line mate, I'd love to catch up and maybe even collaborate on this gig if I get it. Hope you are well.

Lynn said...

I got the first House of Mystery short story in issue #36, but assume there was a schedule change that prevented one from being in issue #35. What issue will the second one be in?