Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feel the Loves

Hi everyone.

Just dropping in to thank all of you for the kind words and kudos over the last few months. We've been hard at work on The Outfit and we hope everyone gets a charge out of this installment of the Parker series.

The book is out today and this week we're in New York to launch Parker in style.
If you're in Manhattan Thursday night, drop by the Borders at Penn Plaza between 7 and 9 pm. We'll be launching the book with a special signing. Drop in and say hi. Should be a great evening of talking Westlake and Parker.

Friday kicks off the NYCC and IDW and yours truly will be there throughout the show. We've con exclusives and a complete show schedule can be found by scrolling down to Cal's NYC post. Come by and feel the loves.

As I'm writing this, Marsha informs me that The Outfit is climbing fast on the Amazon Graphic Novels list. Go Parker!

See you in NYC


pw! said...

amazing meeting you at Borders, thank you again for making such a special event for your fans. you and your wife are such class acts; top shelf all the way. thanks again for everything

Unknown said...

Hello Mr Cooke. I'm Tony Miello, we spoke at the Toronto comic con about bringing you down to Detroit for the next Detroit FanFare. Since I can't find a way to email you allow me to use this forum to officially invite you to Detroit FanFare 2011, September 24 - 25. Please email me at Guests@detroitfanfare.com so I can give you all the info on what we will be offering you. Thank you for your time.

Unknown said...

Hi Marsha,

I apologize for reaching out to Darwyn via comments on his blog; however, I want to personally invite him for another return segment with Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib.

We recorded a segment with Darwyn a few years ago at San Diego Comic-Con. Given the dearth of original material being created today, Darwyn's work is a breath of fresh air. We'd love to chat with him again.

Fictional Frontiers is the nation's only weekly radio show dedicated to a serious discussion about popular culture. We broadcast each Monday from 5:00 to 6:00 PM EST on WNJC-1360 AM Philadelphia, and have listeners from across the nation and overseas via our live stream. For more information on our previous episodes, visit our site:


On a side note, we celebrated our 100th episode on July 7th.

With respect to time zone issues, we can work around whatever days and times work best for him.

Let me know what we can do, and we'll make it so.


Sohaib Awan

Andrew Murray said...

Hey all,

I know alot of focus is on the Outfit right now, but I just wanna say I was in a comic book shop where a guy was giving a new comer suggestions on what to read. he plopped vol 1 and 2 of the New Frontier in his hands and I overheard him saying "This one, This one man, This is the book that got me back into comics a few years ago. It made me remember why the guys in capes are so awesome and how great these heroes are."


looking forward to reading the Outfit.

Alessandro Micelli said...

Mr Cooke has been an immense pleasure to have had a way to smoke a cigarette together ;-)
I hope to meet again in August next to FanExpo!