Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi folks.

I just wanted to jump on today and make mention of the great weekend we have coming up in Toronto kicking off the Art Originals series. Sean Menard and Walter Dickinson have worked with the Toronto Cartoonist's Workshop to create a series of weekends featuring specific artists and their work.

This is a fantastic concept for comics art in the Toronto community and I hope everyone in the Toronto area can come out support Sean and Walter's amazing efforts. Be sure to come say Hi to Marsha and I.

The event is taking place at the ultra swanky Gladstone hotel, with it's several bars and gallery space. All the times and dates can be found at www.artoriginals.ca

See you there,


Anonymous said...

Saw the gallery show on Friday and loved it. The Parker originals where amazing- I had no idea that they were hand-lettered. And the blue-tones are painted on the page! They looked fantastic.

Jennifer B. said...

I also saw the show and just wanted to say it was such a treat to see the work in person, especially after having already read The Hunter. Hope to see more of your original work in the future. Cheers!

Noute said...

I love that Slam Bradley cover!
Just wanted to say thanks for the doodle (and the spit). Got it in the mail from Cameron some time ago. It made my day! :D