Monday, August 17, 2009

Word from the man

So where to begin? I suppose I'll start with the thank yous. As you folks may or may not know, The Hunter has been successful beyond our expectations and we're already into a second printing. Thank you to all the readers out there-you're the ones who've shown us that the Parker series is something viable and with three more books to go, it's full stream ahead.

The big thanks today go to Calum and all the kids at Strange Adventures. The blog and things like this contest take a lot of time to manage, and they rule my world. Saludos!

On to the Fabulous Draw Parker Contest. Wow. When Cal and I floated this idea, we thought there might be half a dozen entries. Like the response to the book, the contest took off in ways we couldn't have imagined. 46 entries, is it?

I'm sincerely floored by the effort and talent on display here, and can't thank you folks enough for the almost daily treat of seeing a new entry on the blog.

When I saw all the work on display, I really couldn't let anyone go away empty handed- hence the prizes for all y'all (except my friends and pros ha ha. They get nothing but my love).

I can't rant about all the entries, but I did want to talk a bit about our top five.
First, remember these were picked for their unique take-there are dozens of beautiful pieces in the contest but these five floated my boat personally.

#1 winner is Scott Brothers
Scott's Fred Flintstone/Bill Wray-esque mash up stole my heart. Add the art direction and spot on typography for the cover and this is an authentic looking 60s retro winner.

#2 is Brandon Parker
This is an amazing piece when you get over giggling. In some eerie way it captures the emotional dislocation of the Parker world better than anything I've ever seen.

#3 is Ben (two-tone) Jeddrie
This is simply wicked bad. Brilliant design and composition married to one of the famous opening lines that Stark wrote so well.

#4 is Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Warwick's funky take on the running thief sucked me in with it's spare and honest technique. The angle and composition add an odd sense of grace to Parker.

#5 is Ethen Beavers
Ethan rocked me with his bold-ass composition and fearless type layout. Great, confident brushwork.

So there we go. Thanks again, Parker readers. Marsha and I will drop off the prizes at Cal's this week. I hope to see some of you over the next few weeks on the con circuit. Finally, special thanks to my pal Brian MacLachlan for his Jesus comes to Malibu take on Parker. It was too late for the contest, but even with his wedding and honeymoon happening, he chipped in a great image. Thanks pal!



LeDidole said...

Thank you to you, sir. Thank you for your time, your generosity and your extremely inspiring work !

Jet Ski Ham said...

I second the above comment. You keep providing the Parkers, we'll keep providing the printings.

Many thanks for all the great work that you do.

Jed said...

Anyone know if there is somewhere I can find a hard copy the Lee Marvin from "the killers" drawing from the top of the post? I'm guessing is was a spot illustration for a magazine article or something similar. I'd love to see a larger version of it.

Calum Johnston said...

Jed - that illo appears in the 16 page Parker artbook.

Chris Ready said...

Thanks for the prize. Very much apprecuated.

Ben said...

Man, all the entries were awesome, there should be a book or something. Massive thanks to Darwyn and to Cal.

Yep, this totally just made my day, and then some.

Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Well thanks to you and Cal for being so generous to everyone in addition to the winners, Mr C! Above and beyond the call of duty. The contest idea was big fun.
Of course I look forward to the book to see the result of all your labour!

Jed said...

Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Johnston. Off to track one down now...

pw! said...

thank you SO much for doing this, and congrats to everyone! it's an honor and a feather in my cap to think that i'd get a personalized book from a storyteller i most look up to on the merits of an image i did in excitement of their new endeavor.

this is incredibly generous of you and cements how sincere all your motivations in the world of comics are. thank you again

WJC said...

I'm so pleased to have taken part in this, in such good company. Great, great fun. Thanks for your time and for the generous prize too!

duphot said...

I'm ashamed. I discovered your blog after having surfing on the blog of J Bone. I thought it was the same guy… I love you anyway ;-)