Wednesday, August 12, 2009

upcoming conventions

August 22-23rd Mini-MegaCon Orlando

August 28-30 Toronto FanExpo

September 4-7 DragonCon Hotlanta

September 18-20 Monteal ComicCon

and I should have the Draw Parker! results uploaded on Friday. Sorry for the delay!


Darren said...

Will Darwyn be sketching at DragonCon?

JonnyHanukkah said...

Sorry to bug you again, but were you able to find out if Darwyn was going to have any original pages from Parker at the Toronto Comic Expo this month? Thanks!

Calum Johnston said...

Darren - I haven't heard yet about sketching. Will find out.

JohnnyH - no, Darwyn is not selling the Parker pages at this time.

BenderArt! said...

Hi Ya, I know I missed the contest BUT….I pick-up my copy of “Parker the Hunter” Wednesday afternoon, read it and Wednesday night I did this Parker caricature as a warm-up before my caricature gig that night. I had no photo or art reference to work from but I was channeling Jack Palance and Tony Curtis and came up with this! Hope you like (Please check my website and myspace for my professional creds.) Thanks to all who put together Parker’s latest book and I’m looking forward to next summer’s edition! Best, Howard Bender Web Site: Myspace:

I posted the Parker art on myspace under caricatures photo files, TY