Thursday, July 16, 2009

some more Parkers as the deadline approaches!

Woodrow Phoenix writes, "I just saw this contest was going on yesterday and I wasn't going to worry about it but... you know how it is when a little idea just won't go away. So here's my quick sketch!"

Thanks, Woodrow! Glenn Greenham sent in this email, "I've attached my entry to the Parker contest. As you can see, I am far from an artist but I couldn't miss the chance at winning a copy of this book. It took me forever to scratch this entry on a piece of paper. Yes I googled "how to draw" and I also contemplated raiding my kids "craft drawer" for help. I'm a huge fan of Darwyn's work and am looking forward to the Hunter adaptation. All of the entries look great!"

Great stuff, Glenn! Time for one more; this is from Alex Schumacher: "I hope I'm not too late! I believe you are accepting submissions until tomorrow so with any luck I've made it by the skin of my teeth...
Anyway, here's my rendition of Parker. Darwyn is such a talented artist who deserves every accolade he receives and has long since been a large influence on my work. If it sounds like I'm kissing a little ass...well it's because I am! However, I'm also being very sincere. I can't wait for The Hunter to come out and do hope that my doodle may be included in the "draw Parker" contest with the other fine entries!"

Alex also has a blog here with more of his work.

Thanks to all who entered. Today, July 16th is the deadline for entries. I'll be checking email later today and first thing tomorrow morning for the final update in the Draw Parker contest, so you still have time to get your drawing in to us!

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