Saturday, January 31, 2009

madman, jersey gods and dancing

March sees a couple of new comics with work by Darwyn. Madman Atomic Comics #14 has a story by J. Bone and Darwyn with a variant chase cover by Darwyn as well. Here's the cover image:

and the Jersey Gods, a new series from Image Comics, debuts its first issue in February with a spiffy Mike Allred cover and follows it up with this one by Darwyn on the second issue coming in March:

It's a fun and funny comic book series. The writer, Glenn Brunswick, gave retailers a preview of the first issue and it was very good. More info can be found at the Jersey Gods blog:

now to tangentially spin out of control and bore you with my thoughts, I was reading Dirty Money, one of the latest Parker novels, and I started to wonder about the life of Parker during his "Charles Willis" days. After making a score, Parker would retire to some posh resort in Florida or the like and live the good life. I tried to imagine him enjoying his time off from his "real job" and couldn't quite picture it. No wonder it wasn't dwelt upon in the novels by Richard Stark (the pseudonym used by Donald Westlake). Still it made me wonder about dancing. Must be because I was listening to the Duffy album "Rockferry" and the track "Stop" came on. Listening to it, I could imagine Claire or some other femme fatale making her way across the room at the resort club and talking to Parker until he conceded a dance. Give it a listen and I think you'll find it difficult not to at least tap your toes along to it.

Darwyn is still exploring the sunny wilderness of the southern states and won't be at the New York comic-con this February. I'll try to let you know when and where he'll be appearing during the convention season. I'll be at the NY con, likely with some copies of his Retroactive artbook tucked under my arm, too!


AnthonyF said...

Thanks for the info on Darwyn's upcoming work. Since I rarely read Previews, I rely on posts like this one. I appreciate the headsup on NYCC, only 6 days to go!

Michael Cho said...

Good lord, Cal! Cookie's got you writing a blog for him?? Wow, next he'll have you cooking his meals- hhahahaha! :)

Calum Johnston said...

Hi, Mike,
it was either do the blog or shovel his driveway. Way too much snow, so blog it is!