Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mr. Cooke goes to Washington

The Smithsonian magazine has an interview with Darwyn on their website in preparation for his presentation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Hopefully, no evil senator will cause Darwyn to filibuster!

His talk is also covered by the Washington City Paper, Comic Book Daily, Comixtreme, and elsewhere. If anyone following this blog is going, snap a photo or two and send it along!

Darwyn's Parker adaptation is also on the reading list for book clubs like this one.

For those looking for some Darwyn artwork that you may not have seen, here's the illustrations he did for the Hero Initiative's Wolverine project:

and there is this gorgeous illustration by Darwyn on ebay - about 4 days left to go.

The same seller also has some sweet Eduardo Risso, Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes and Chris Sprouse pages for sale.

That's all I've got for this week. Talk at you in a week or so.

***Edited to add:

Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter had a couple of photos from the event here and he added, "Here's a report from a blogger who happened to stumble into the show while spending a day at the institution, and came away delighted."


Mirko Benotto said...

Beautiful covers!!!!


Ben said...

Darwyn's Wolverine is always so debonair . . .

Calum Johnston said...

lots of chatter about Darwyn's talk at the Smithsonian here:

Unknown said...

I was at the Smithsonian talk on Saturday and came away with even more appreciation for Mr. Cooke than I had going in. He is as engaging a speaker as he is an illustrator. I just wanted to say thanks for braving the snow and visiting our fair city!

Marco Prud'Homme said...

I just found out about this blog about Darwyn Cooke. How can I send pictures of the many acrylic painting I have done based on his art? Don't be scare I also do other artist too.