Friday, January 15, 2010

this, that and the other

good day, folks,

nothing major to report from here at the Darwyn Cooke News Bureau. Word seems to be spreading about the talk at the Smithsonian. (See previous post for more info) Lots of buzz on the interwebs and twitter.

There's still a couple of days left in this ebay auction for a nifty Batman and Robin illustration by Darwyn:

The same seller also has a Gulacy Batman cover, JG Jones page from Black Widow and some awesome Amanda Conner pages.

The Daily Beast gives our man a nod in their listing of "the best books you missed" and Parker was named one of the top 100 comics of 2009 here.

The JLA blog shows a nice illustration by Darwyn of DC's top guns here and on twitter there are many calls for a Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman comic, for him to relaunch the Valiant universe, and one request to come help move a couch.

That's all I've got for now, talk at you later!


Anonymous said...

I would be thrilled to see Wonder Woman as done by Darwyn. His depiction of her from "New Frontier" was outstanding!

Unknown said...

Agree with you, FortWorthology.. simply outstanding! Was great to see her taller than Super.. :) and the batman version before the change of uniform was also great.. oh hell.. everything was amazing after all.. :) Cooke rocks!

Ben said...

Wait, Darwyn does couches? Good to know, we've got two here that won't be staying where they are . . .