Sunday, January 10, 2010

Parker's Night at the Museum

Darwyn will be discussing his Parker adaptation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on Saturday January 30, 2010 starting at 4 PM.
The info from the Smithsonian website is as follows:

The Hunter with Darwyn Cooke
4:00 PM
McEvoy Auditorium, Lower Level
American Art Museum
Eisner Award–winning writer and artist Darwyn Cooke will discuss his evocative graphic novel, The Hunter, based on the 1962 crime classic by Donald E. Westlake (writing under the name Richard Stark). This best seller has been critically acclaimed in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post for breathing new life into one of the classic characters of crime fiction. With a visual style that both pays homage to and plays with ‘60s retro style, The Hunter vividly depicts the film noir genre.
Limited free tickets (two per person), G Street Lobby, one hour prior.
Book signing follows.
McEvoy Auditorium, Lower Level

Here's info on the museum's location.

Wish I could be there! If any of you folks make it there, send me a photo!


Unknown said...

Damn, Samuel! That sounds awesome.

Unknown said...

Will there be any other DC-area appearances during the visit: bookstore signings, etc.? I live in DC and would love to be there, but aggravatingly am unable to attend.