Saturday, March 6, 2010

those March days...

"those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." ~Charles Dickens

it looks marvelous outside in eastern Canada, until you open the door and feel the cold, cold wind. Time to think of spring and reading more comic books in the sunshine.

Sorry for the quiet February. Lots of stuff going on but no time to write about it!

Darwyn will be at Megacon taking place in Orlando March 12th through 14th at the Orange County Convention Center

The Hero Initiative has an event at Megacon on Friday from 2 to 3PM.
"a special 11-man signing of Hero’s The Wolverine 100 Project will take place! Contributors Joe Benitez, Jim Calafiore, Mike Choi, Darwyn Cooke, Joe Jusko, Andy Smith, Bill Tucci, Mike McKone, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mike Perkins, and Brandon Peterson will be at the booth exclusively signing Hero's recent release. Get them while they are available, and get them signed by our team!"
For more info, click here for the Hero Initiative website.

from retcon punch:

"did someone just say Darwyn Cooke o’clock?"

There's an article on the Smithsonian's Eye Level website about Darwyn's presentation a few weeks back. Read it here.

Darwyn's doing the variant cover for the first issue of the Mike Allred illustrated I, Zombie series coming from Vertigo. It's written by Chris Roberson and you can get the pitch at the Vertigo website and here is the variant cover for the first issue. It's a 1-in-10 deal so buy ten copies, cozy up to your local comics dealer or be prepared to spend a couple extra bucks for it.

IDW will be publishing a comic adaptation of James Patterson's book, The Murder of King Tut, begins in June with fellow novelist and comic writer Alexander Irvine (Daredevil: Noir) and features two acclaimed comics artists dividing the interior art. Christopher Mitten (Wasteland) will transport readers back to ancient Egypt in the time of the Boy King, while Ron Randall will depict the 1920's search for Tut's tomb, conducted by archeologist Howard Carter. Darwyn will provide covers like this one here:

and last but certainly not least, Darwyn's doing one of the two covers for this year's Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide!


matt said...

Mr. Cooke is there any way to pre order a sketch from you at Mega-Con

Paul Conrad said...

Dang-- that is one kick ass Captain America piece.
Anyway we'll see a Capt. A mini series from Darwyn?

Ian Explosivo said...
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Jeremy said...

Any idea if Darwyn will be attending Reed's C2E2 Comic Con in Chicago in April?

Richard Oh said...

How much are Darwyn's commissions? And is it possible to request a commission prior to Wondercon? Any info would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

Any chance Mr. Cooke will be at the Calgary Expo again this year? He was so nice last year (as was his wife!) I'd love to chat with them again.