Thursday, September 2, 2010

Appearances, awards, and all things otherwise

Good day, folks,

Darwyn was at FanExpo in Toronto last weekend and will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta this coming weekend. He'll also be a guest at the New York Comic-Con where The Outfit will make its debut!

Darwyn's also the recipient of an Eisner Award for best adaptation of another work for The Hunter. Check out the other Eisner winners here, though they do irk me when they refer to a cartoonist as a "graphic novelist" - gah! What's wrong with cartoonist? It was good enough for Milton Caniff and Hal Foster!

The Harvey Awards were announced at the Baltimore Comic-con and Darwyn was named "best cartoonist" (thanks, Harvey Awards!).

He's also among those nominated for a Scream Award, the pop culture award show put on by Spike TV. You can vote for your favourite artist here.

The folks at ifanboy have the info on an upcoming graphic novel that sports a nifty cover by Darwyn. Go read about it here and gander at the cover below:

and a new contest! I have a copy of Parker: Le Chasseur to give away. This is the french-language edition of The Hunter published by Dargaud.

I'll get the book signed when Darwyn's back home after his convention run. To enter, just send a postcard to:

Strange Adventures (Cooke Contest)
5262 Sackville Street,
Halifax, NS
B3J 1K8 Canada

The postcard has to be a real, honest-to-goodness postcard, preferably picturing your hometown or some icon of interest from your area. I'll be accepting entries for the next four weeks and we'll pull a winner from the postcards on October 1st and announce it here. Be sure to have your name and mailing address on the postcard so we can send you the book if you're the winner!

Thanks for your kind attention - that's all I have for now!


Marcos Mateu said...

Great stuff all throughout the blog!

Unknown said...

Great idea for a contest! I'll be sure to post something out this coming week :D

All the best!

Vince M said...

I finally found a copy of The Man with the Getaway Face and I love it! So nice to have new work from Mr. Cooke, one of my favorite storytellers. Thank you for making comics interesting again.

pw! said...

i seriously can't wait for the new book! thank heavens Weird War Tales last week staved off some hunger