Sunday, July 18, 2010

catch that getaway man!

It's out and about in comic book stores far wand wide - The man with the getaway face - and for only two bucks! Get your butt out to your nearest comic store and plunk down some hard currency for your copy. It will hopefully sate your Parker needs until the Outfit is released this October!

and a few more Darwyn illos:

a couple from Jim Clancy's comic art fans gallery

and this great Ghost Rider from Comic Art Community:

and have you mentioned to your local comic book dealer that you want a copy of Weird War Tales #1? Hmmm? have you?
Well, you should. Stories by Darwyn, Ivan (Vikings) Brandon, and Jan (Jeremy Brood, Star Wars) and illustrated by Darwyn, Nic (Vikings) Klein and Gabriel (Black Coat) Hardman. More info here.

It's out in September!


Unknown said...

Uou! Cooke is becoming a hardcore artist? Strong and pure. Simple in a complex way. I just love it! Keep rockin'! \o/ wOOt

Anonymous said...

I'm still confused - is this story going to be included with the hardcover coming out later this year, or not? I thought I read earlier that this was actually the first chapter of the forthcoming book.

Calum Johnston said...

yes, "The man with the getaway face" will appear in "The Outfit" as the first chapter in the book.

Ken said...

I bought two copies today when I stopped by my lifelong local store (That's Entertainment in Fitchburg, MA). I knew the large size would lend itself to 'donating' bits of it to frames for my wall. Not to mention it is fantastic to see such a great story so big. Well done!

Unknown said...

This is a beautifully put together recap of Darwyn Cooke at the Fan Expo in Toronto.

Unknown said...

A well put together recap of Darwyn Cooke letting it fly at the fan expo in Toronto: