Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Hi Everyone,

Off the top, a big Colbert shout out to Jimmy and Amanda for putting up with us all winter. We had tons of fun invading their lives and hopefully did little damage. Everyone pick up Power Girl, Jonah Hex and Jimmy & Justin's Random Acts of Violence.

Darwyn will be at Free Comic Book Day at Strange Adventures this Saturday in Halifax. Cal throws a huge open house in a church hall just around the corner from the shop and has THOUSANDS of comics to give away. I'm not sure what time we'll get there, most likely in the afternoon. Drop by and say Hi!

The next conventions we plan on attending are FanExpo in Toronto, August 27-29, DragonCon Atlanta, Sept 3-6 and New York Comic Con October 8-10.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us in San Francisco, the party at the Isotope was a great success. Darwyn is hard at work on The Outfit, but you can pick up The Man with the Getaway Face for just $2.00 soon in local comics shops. The Hunter is now available in the iTunes store, we'd love to hear what you think of it in that format.

See you Saturday,

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