Friday, August 21, 2009

nothing much....just chillin'

Good morning,

nothing really new to report. Just wanted to mention that Darwyn will be at the Mini Megacon in Orlando this weekend and the following weekend, he'll be at the FanExpo in Toronto. I haven't gotten any info as to his specific schedule yet so check with the respective convention sites or newsletters.

For those of you non-artists (like me!) out there, I'll be doing a giveaway for some copies of the Parker artbook starting in September. Details will be announced first week of September. I think it will be a postcard deal where you get an entry by mailing in a postcard with a picture of your city or town on it. Stay tuned!

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Holistic.Joe.NY said...

Just finished reading the Hunter GN. I have admired his art for sometime, since the Catwoman GN. This is as good as I've seen. The book drew me in. I read it over 3 days, and was wishing I had more time so i could have finished it one reading, I was drawn in. Doesn't hurt that I like that time period and crime stories. I love the way Darwyn makes me feel like I was transported back in time. He must do a fair amount of research to get it all authentic. This, and the frontier book, Cooke has a affinity to this era?
So thanks for a great read. Can't wait for some of the OA to be put up for sale...