Wednesday, August 19, 2009

go look!

Jonah Hex covers at the DCU blog!


LeDidole said...

Those 2 are incredible! And I don't know why but I cannot help to stop seeing a " Jean Giraud/Gir " (that would be "Moebius" for you US guys" ) vibe in those lovely covers

David Glassey said...

Nice job on the covers. I know this is an off topic but does anyone know what time Mr. Cooke is going to be at the Fan Expo in Toronto. The reason I ask is I can only get down there on the Friday night and I was wondering if he'll be there at that time. I'm very unlucky this time around for this show, I don't normally go to the Fan Expo but it's going to be disappointing to miss meeting Mr. Cooke and Mr. Bill Sienkiewicz because I have to work Saturday and Sunday.