Monday, June 1, 2009

Parker love at Book Expo

Several journalists and book afficionados who attended the Book Expo in New York this past weekend got to sample many sweet books that will be coming to the rest of us over the course of the summer. IDW showed off some advance copies of Darwyn's Parker adaptation and I am sorely jealous of those folks who got a copy.

Join me in my envy at these links:

Splashpage at MTV

Slog at the Stranger
(That's Slog's photo above as well.)


and Robot 6 gives it a mention in their "what are you reading?" round-up.

and DC will be collecting the Bad Girls mini-series, a fun series with artwork by J. Bone, Daniel Krall and others, under a spiffy cover by Darwyn pictured here:

that's it for now - keep reading good comics!

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