Saturday, June 27, 2009

new Parker entry and a closing date!

The artist known as Varkjovich is from Italy and is a graphic designer and illustrator. Vark says "I'm not a professional comic artist and currently i got no active blog, but I got plans (with a little help from a couple o' friends) for a “comic section” website to be open in september/october (something like the old newspaper comic pages, with two or three comic serials in it)." So keep an eye out for it! Vark added "this is my (italian) Parker...and send my best regards to mr. Darwyn." I will, Vark!

and as usual, i must ask where is your entry in the Draw Parker! contest? We'll be accepting entries until July 16th so Darwyn can go over all entries and we'll announce the results the following week.

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