Saturday, March 17, 2018

DC's Art of Darwyn Cooke softcover available now

DC released "The Art of Darwyn Cooke" collecting stories and artwork dating back to 1985's TALENT SHOWCASE #19, and stories from BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, LEGION WORLDS, JSA ALL STARS, JONAH HEX and more, plus dozens of covers!

This new softcover edition adds over twenty covers not collected in the GRAPHIC INK: THE DC COMICS ART OF DARWYN COOKE hardcover.

Available at your local comic shop and book store! ($29.99 USD)



Steve C said...

I have this book and was wondering about the contributors to some of the cover art. It is not clear if Darwyn did the pencils, inks and colors or some portion of the three. Does anyone have first hand knowledge or maybe second hand?

Calum Johnston said...

cover art is by Darwyn, not sure if he coloured it or if it was Dave Stewart's colours.