Thursday, October 8, 2015

Twilight Children - New York ComicCon

Exciting times over here at the Cooke household. Darwyn is just back from Cincinnati and Baltimore and is now headed to New York for The Twilight Children launch!

His schedule for NYCC is as follows

 4-5 pm Vertigo Panel

6-7 pm Signing with Gilbert Hernandez, DC Booth

8-10 pm Signing with Gilbert Hernandez, St. Marks Comics

He does not have a table in artist alley and is not sketching or taking commissions. If additional signings are added or he shares space with someone I will update as soon as I know.

Our next confirmed show is The Lakes Comic Art Festival October 16-18 in Kendal, England with a huge group of Canadians (thanks TCAF!). From there we are heading to Gosh! in London for a signing and talk Wednesday October 21. This is our first trip to the UK and we are both pretty excited.

Next week is a big one with both The Twilight Children debut AND Graphic Ink - The Art of Darwyn Cooke in stores. Both should be available at finer comic stores everywhere.

See you soon,


Dan said...

Lovely Bond print. Will Darwin be doing any signings at the Lakes?
I can see there will be talks/panels but no mention of signings after them or at any other time?



Zachary Snyder said...

Aww man, the NYCC website says that Darwyn is appearing on all days for In-Booth signing (doesn't say where).... I was so excited! :(

I'm only there Sunday, and was really hoping I could get by copy of the New Frontier signed, please let us know if he is doing any signing!


Anonymous said...

Darwyn, it was very nice meeting you and Gilbert Hernandez last night at St. Marks Comics. I have been a fan of yours since I saw the title sequence on Batman Beyond, and then your work on Catwoman. Thank you for the Catwoman sketch. As I said, I promise not to put it on Ebay!

Marsha Cooke said...

To answer a few questions,

Dan - yes he will be doing signings during the Lakes and I believe they will be in the Canadian section, right after each panel. Otherwise if we aren't at a panel we should be floating around that section.

Zach - Sorry he won't be at the show on Sunday at all, he flies back to Canada late Saturday. We will definitely be back in NY in 2016 if you are local. Apologies for the confusion. The next show you and Darwyn are both attending, if you bring your Absolute, come up to the front of the line and let me know it's you and I will get you hooked up right way. that book is a beast to carry around all day.

Benjamin, thanks! Great to know the sketch will be in a good home. Hope you enjoyed the signing.


Zachary Snyder said...

Hey Marsha,

Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, I am a New Yorker, so please keep the blog updated with future appearances!

Ha, very true! I'm glad I found out before I brought the Absolute with me tomorrow, would not have been fun dragging it around and not getting it signed, lol.

Thanks again and all the best!

Unknown said...

Hi MArsh!

I very much enjoy this site of yours.

Is there any update on the Revengence comic Darwyn is doing with Image? I've tried looking for info myself and haven't found anything.



Colin Brown said...

Hi Marsha
It was good to meet you both at Kendal on Saturday. Many thanks for the Parker print and hopefully you both enjoy the Slayground DVD.

George Jackson said...

It's was lovely to see you both last weekend in Kendal. Many thanks to Darwyn for his time and being patient enough to sign the pile of books I bought. An especial thank you for the lovely sketches of Batman and Robin he was kind enough to do for me and my better half, they're now frames and have pride of place in our living room. Oh and thanks for the many beautiful comic that have entertained me for many years, I possibly should have said that when I saw you. Anyway it was great to talk to you both, I hope the rest of your trip went smoothly and hopefully we'll see you on these shores again!

All the best,