Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ken Morris wins Le Chasseur!

Congratulations to Ken Morris of Fitchburg, Mass. - Ken gets a signed copy of the french version of the Hunter - Le Chasseur!

Ken's postcard was drawn from the piles of entries we received over the past few weeks by our lovely Kate who last seen holding Le Chasseur!

Ken, you should receive your prize in a few weeks. And to everyone who enetered, thank you for taking the time to write - and keep an eye on your mailboxes, too!

See you in New York at Borders on Thursday and at the New York Comic-con this weekend!


Ken said...

Amazing! Thank you SO much, I am looking forward to it!

Son of Ken said...

Congratulations Ken, awesome prize, lucky boy ;)
I can see my card in there, all the way from Wales.
Ps. Any chance we can see the lovely Kates lovely face without the book in front of it? As a consolation ;)
I actually read the outfit on the bus to London Friday gone, and it was a joyous event, if all comics were as good as this the world would be a better place ;)

Ken said...

Whoo-HOO! I received the book today, and it is awesome. It's autographed, with a little sketch by Mr. Cooke, and I couldn't be happier. My utmost thanks to the artist, and to Cal (and the gang) at Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities!

Calum Johnston said...

thanks for letting us know it arrived okay - and thanks for reading good comics!