Saturday, September 19, 2009

this and that and Darwyn the Pooh

Hiya, folks,

it was "Darwyn Cooke Week" at and there's a plethora of reviews here with a nice selection of Darwyn's pages, here's their look at Batman: Ego and other tails, the Spirit, and the Hunter.

The November solicitations feature an oversized Green Lantern hardcover collecting the Rebirth mini-series as well as the Secret Files issue that contained a terrific story by Geoff Johns and Darwyn. More info here.

Darwyn's in Montreal this weekend for the comic convention taking place today and tomorrow. Their website is here. Mike Allred will also be there!

"Comics should be good" looks back at the fun Wolverine / Doop mini-series here.

I've been mailing and packing the Parker prizes for the past couple of weeks. Almost all have been mailed out and I've already starting to hear from folks who have received their prize for drawing Parker.

and finally in news....
yes, that was Darwyn at Dragon Con a couple of weeks ago walking around in his Winnie the Pooh costume.
He's pictured here with artist Mark Brooks, I believe.

a couple more photos are here.

And if you're in the Halifax area, Darwyn will be signing books at Strange Adventures on Friday, September 25th from 5-6pm.

That's all I have for now! Blog at you soon.


dave bullock said...

Who did you lose a bet to?
Please tell me there was a bet.

Gavin de Lint said...

Got my book - happy happy! Thanks!

AnthonyF said...

Thanks for the Darwyn links. I've heard that Dragon con had some unique costumes but man... Darwyn's a "Furry"?!? LOL

LeDidole said...

Hi Calum,

I just copy/paste what I wrote in the previous message comments... Just in case...

"I just wanted to say again a huge "Thank you" for the contest. I received my personalized signed copy of "the Hunter " today here in Hong Kong ( September, 17th).
Say a huge "Thank you " also to Darwyn.
I now own 2 copies of the book ( one I bought because I was not sure I would win anything and I couldn't wait the results!... and the one you sent to me ). I will of course keep the personalized copy and consider to offer the one I bought to one of my best friends in France.
See? The Hunter travels everywhere..."

Tim DeMoor said...

Ha! Darwyn in the costume is hysterical!

I also want to say that I received my Parker book in the mail yesterday! Please give Darwyn a big thank you for me, and thanks again, Calum, for hosting such an awesome contest on your site! I'm thrilled to have been a part of it.

- Tim

Chris Ready said...

Prize received this morning. Big thanks all round! Great contest, for a great book. Looking forward to Mr Cooke's next stab at Parker. I wasn't expecting the signature, I was pretty bowled over.

Unknown said...

Received my signed Portfolio book! Thanks abunches!

word verification was 'cramons'

please use it in a sentence.

Elijah Pipkin said...

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

I just wish I had seen it in person.

Patrick Dean said...

I got my copy of the Parker Portfolio yesterday after a week long mail hold after vacation. All your substantial hardbacked packaging was no match for our mailman who BENT THE ENVELOPE IN HALF longways and crammed it into the mailbox, making the spine of the book and half the cover look like the curved shell of a roly-poly bug.

I'm glad y'all didn't send out Parker commemorative plates or Christmas ornaments since our mailman hates mail filled with fun.

The Parker Portfolio looked great. I'm wondering outside the Butcher's Moon page if Cooke had any specific scenes in mind when he drew the other pieces.

Honolulu Dogfight said...

Just got my copy of the personalized book today and am very happy!
Thanks so much for the contest, it was a blast from beginning to end.

Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Got my book too! Awesome, awesome work! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Received my personalized copy yesterday. Beautiful book (very well designed, also), and great personalization.
Thank agian, Darwyn and Calum for the gorgeous contest.
Hope one day i will reach the canadian shores to pay visit to Strange Adventures.


pw! said...

thank you thank you thank you for a most meaningful prize; words can not express how appreciated and special the signed book is

AnthonyF said...

Thanks Calum and Darwyn for your generosity, and the personalized portfolio book! I love looking at the widescreen images.