Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eisner tribute

hiya, folks, sorry this is so late (late as usual, I know, I know). I was in New York for the comic-con. A good time was had by all - they put on a great show in the big city! I also got to check out Island Burgers and the Brooklyn Supehero Supply Company, thanks to awesome cartoonist and man of action - Steve Manale!

The Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comic creators, was at the NYCC and they held an auction with many great pieces including one by the Cooke-ee monster himself. This was a two-page spread in Comic Book Artist magazine's Will Eisner tribute issue and is simply gorgeous. I was hoping to get it myself!

and since you kids have been good, here's a couple of teasers from the Madman story by Darwyn and J. Bone:

I'll try to be back on Friday with some more stuff. Anyone have any questions for Darwyn? I know he likes long walks on short piers, beaches in winter and small dogs lightly baked.....or at least that's what I read on the interweb!

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Unknown said...

Hiya Calum- here's a question I posted earlier on the site

Do you know if there are any extra of those prints from that Isotope party (from the con party last year) that Darwyn brought back? Been trying to hunt one down for a long long time. Thanks!