Friday, December 12, 2008

Criterion Prints by Darwyn, Sienkiewicz, and more

We interrupt this post to bring you an announcement from Criterion:

Some of the Criterion Collection's most memorable cover art
will be on sale in limited-edition prints, signed by the artists,
exclusively at

Available editions include:

• *Jaime Hernandez's Divorce Italian Style* (22"x 4", $100)

• *Caitlin Kuhwald's Amarcord* (29" x 11",$125)

• *Bill Seinkiewicz's Robinson Crusoe on Mars*(22" x 16", $125)

• *Darwyn Cooke's Monsters and Madmen collection*:
a set of four prints from the covers of *The Atomic Submarine, Corridors of Blood,
First Man into Space, *and* The Haunted Strangler* (8" x 10" each, $125 for the set)

These first editions of one hundred prints were made with a
digital fine-art printing method known as giclée, and reproduced on
archival-quality acid-free paper with inks designed to last up to two
hundred years without losing any detail or vibrancy. And just as we get
filmmakers' stamps of approval for our DVD releases whenever possible,
for these prints we worked closely with each of the four artists to achieve the best
possible representation of their art.

Order now to ensure shipping in time for Christmas!


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